Jewels are delicate, the more you love them the longer they'll last. Cosmetics, dust, cleaning products, water and direct sun light can alter the appearance of the jewels and speed up its oxidation. To prevent silver from tarnishing and to slow down the peeling off of gold plating and oxidation, do now wear jewelry while showering, bathing and exercising. Take the time to store the jewels in their cotton bag.


SILVER - Sterling silver will naturally tarnish over time, especially when in contact with humidity. It is a good idea to clean them often with a polishing cloth (available in store). For deeper cleaning you can use baking soda following these simple steps: 1/ cover a small container with alluminium foil 2/ place the silver piece inside, add 1 tablespoon of baking soda and boiling water 3/ Move the pieces around gently to ensure all silver surfaces come in contact with the alluminium until you see its color changing 4/ Rinse with water and wipe the pieces with a soft towel.

OXIDIZED SILVER - Oxidized sterling silver will wear over time reaching an aged and antique look. Oxidation can be renewed using liver of sulfur (please follow manufacturer's instructions for doing it home).  You are wellcome to send me your jewelry for renewing the oxidation at no extra cost.

GOLD PLATE - Gold plated pieces can be claened with a polishing cloth (available in store). If plating gets damaged, you are wellcome to send me your jewelry for renewing the plating.